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Here's a selection of my comics from newest to oldest:

Tales from the Hyperverse

Tales from the Hyperverse link image

Tales from the Hyperverse is a collection of short, brightly colored comics drawn from 2009 to 2017, published by Retrofit / Big Planet Comics. Click the image above to go to a page with more info in my store.

Skew Part Three

Skew Part Three link image

Skew Part Two

Skew Part Two link image

Skew Part One

Skew Part One link image

I'm serializing my second graphic novel on the Study Group Comic Books site.

Skew continues the psychedelic adventures of the Miizzzard – The Miizzzard has taken a break from battling space sorcerers to assist the Space Yetis. But the finale of a years-long ritual goes awry when the Miizzz is chomped up by a hypermorph. Will the Miizzz be able to save the Space Yeti grove?


Vortex link image

Vortex is my first graphic novel, published by Sparkplug Books via a Kickstarter campaign in 2014, and originally drawn from June 2011 to August 2013. Click the image above to go to a page with more info in my store.

Tales of the Hyperverse

Tales of the Hyperverse link image

A series of one-page comics that give glimpses into the weird worlds of the Hyperverse. Posted intermittently on various sites from 2009 to 2016. Most of these comics were published in my 2017 comic Tales from the Hyperverse.

"Fuel Quest"

Fuel Quest link image

This eight-page, seven-color comic is on the Study Group Comic Books site.

"The Miizzzard of the Year One Million ATTACKS the Floating Crystal Witch"

Hawk link image

I drew this comic for Future Shock #3, an astro pysch SF anthology edited by Josh Burggraf. This issue is out of print.


Hawk link image

I drew this comic for Future Shock #1. This issue is out of print.

Moon Queen

Moon Queen link image

I drew this comic during the first session of Frank Santoro's Comics Correspondence Course.

Math Fiction Squared

Math Fiction Squared link image

I originally drew this comic for Math Fiction Squared. It was a sequel to Math Fiction that was never published. The original pages were in red/blue anaglyph 3d but I recolored them for a web version in 2014.

"Glade and Mark in: Rocky Mountain Chomp"

Glade and Mark in: Rocky Mountain Chomp link image

I drew this comic for the ceremony program for Glade and I's wedding in January of 2011, and then I colored it and posted it online by itself in May of 2011.

"Assault on Yurg"

Assault on Yurg link image

This comic was originally published as red/blue anaglyph 3D as one of four four-page comics in Math Fiction, alongside Pat Ausilio, Ian Harker, and Josh Burggraf. Math Fiction was published by Yeah Dude comics in December of 2010. I colored this version of the comic in April 2011.

Shaman Thunder

Shaman Thunder link image

Josh Burggraf and I collaborated on this twelve-page comic. We brainstormed the plot, divided it up into a page-by-page outline, and then drew alternating pages. Then, we decided to reorder the first four pages so that it's two pages of me and then two pages of Josh. We like to be confusing. Shaman Thunder was originally published as a minicomic by the Gold County Paper Mill.

Froghead Hangover

Froghead Hangover link image

I made this 12-page zine so that I'd have something to hand out to people at MoCCA 2009. It's based on a true story from when I was living by myself in Austin, TX.


TRANZ Comics link image

Inspired in part by Yuichi Yokoyama's inhuman, action-focused comics, I drew a series of short, one- to three-page strips focused on one transformative action throughout 2009.